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A sample CLI tool made in V that prints geometric shapes to the screen.

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This project is meant to be a demonstration showcasing how easy it is to make a good CLI application with V. There is also an example to how to effectively structure a V project with modules and conduct unit tests.


Instructions for installing the V language can be found here. For a brief introduction to V, refer the article: Getting Started with V.

Make sure to do v up to download and update to the latest version of V.


You can use v run . [OPTIONS] to run the tool while developing it. If you want a production build, you can use v -prod ., which will generate a binary file geo (or geo.exe on Windows) at the root of the repository.

To get started, try ./geo --help. It will print the following usage guide:

geo 0.2.x
Usage: geo [options] [ARGS]

Description: A sample CLI app for printing geometric shapes to the terminal.

  -p, --shape <string>      The shape to use for the geometry.
                            Allowed shapes are: left-triangle, right-triangle, pyramid, square, diamond
  -z, --size <int>          The size parameter for the shapes.
  -m, --symbol <string>     The symbol to use for the geometry.
  -h, --help                display this help and exit
  --version                 output version information and exit

Run Unit Tests

To run units tests, run this command at the root of this repository:

v test .


This work is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for more details.


This project is hosted on GitHub: hungrybluedev/geo

As a backup, this repository is also available on Codeberg: hungrybluedev/geo


  • @SheatNoisette - Idea, documentation, unit tests, and code improvement.
  • @hungrybluedev - Initial implementation, maintenance, and other chores.